Specter Spelunker in 3D


Specter Spelunker in 3D is 2½D platformer with tight controls. You play a little blue guy who runs real fast and jumps real high. If you run into evil red geometry you die. Lucky for you there are checkpoints littered everywhere so you never lose a lot of progress.

If you’re good at platformers you can get through it in just a few minutes. I found that people who had the most fun were newbies. They played for a lot more time.

It’s made using Unity 2.6. The music is from my GameMaker game specter spelunker. The sound is borrowed from Knytt Stories. I’m going to justify ripping the sound by saying that this game is kind of an homage to Knytt!. I’ve also modeled the character physics around Knytt’s physics.


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