8 thoughts on “Specter Spelunker in 3D

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  2. Grant


    I started with Game Maker a while back, made some pretty crappy games in there but I just recently downloaded Unity. I didn’t do the whole Game Maker Language thing so I have no coding experience, but I’m trying to learn Python and once I do that, JavaScript! I hope I can get to making games like this within the next year.

    This is definitely a game. Every time I died it made me want to try to beat it. Cool graphics, simple layout, catchy tune, recipe for a good game. If this isn’t already on sites like Wooglie or Miniclip it should be! You can make money that way!

    Good luck with future games. If you need anybody to test on just hit me up by emailing me;

    Again, awesome game! Thanks for putting it out here to play!


  3. Grant

    Oh! I forgot.

    I’m definitely going to suggest this website to my friends. If I were you, I would also make a facebook fan page for your game studio, you might get recognized!



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